About us

التبويبات الأساسية

From our own name, WINKIE adds the three values ​​in which the brand develops: winning attitude, respect for the tradition of sport and the work of a team of specialists.

Our mission is to bring to the Spanish fancier, the best European Lineages.

As a pigeon breeding station located in Alicante, WINKIE has more than 2,000 m2 and a capacity for more than 500 breeding pairs. WINKIE is already a reference in our country and is positioned at the level of the most avant-garde breeding stations in Europe.

Behind WINKIE there is a great team specialized in pigeon racing, veterinary, pigeon care, management and marketing.


The renowned fancier Javier Peral is the driving force of this ambitious project. His fondness for pigeon racing led him to get quick and effective results in the best national championships. His European vision and accessibility to the greats of world pigeon racing ensure that this European station will be at the forefront of the continent.


Through the WINKIE seal, we can certify that the pigeons come from or are linked to our breeding station. It would be able to find it in the pedigree of our pigeons, in the shipping boxes or even in the rings.