1st successful auction of the finalists of the Costa Del Sol Derby 2018

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We have already exceeded 11,000 euros in the first auction of the finalists of the Costa del Sol International Derby.

This first auction of positions from 26 to 50, has added more than 11,000 euros, with an excellent average of 440 euros per bird.

Among the first 25 auctioned pigeons we highlight the Dutch pigeon of Hok Reijnen, NL-18-1205930, which has been sold for 1,900 euros, ranking in the 27th position in the final and 24th in the ACE pigeon. In another hand, the bird of Belgian origin of the breeder Emiel Denys, with ring BE-18-3018031, has been auctioned for 1,000 euros. In third position of the bid was the Belgian pigeon Marc de Cock, 34th in the final, for which they have paid 910 euros.

Other pigeons that have been auctioned for a significant amount have been two of Reijnen; the pigeon that got the 22nd position of the ACE PIGEON, which has been bought for 890 euros, and the pigeon that got the 28th position in the final, auctioned for 610 euros.

These 25 pigeons have different origins: Germany (2), Belgium (4), Netherlands (4) Spain (9), Poland (2), Romania (1), United Kingdom (1) and Norway (2).

 The derby, sponsored by Winkie, a company belonging to Pets at Home JP, S.L., took place last September in Malaga with great success of participation with more than 1,100 registered pigeons and with 70% of them basketed for the FINAL.

Currently, we have active the auction of the top 25 positions. An auction that is being very disputed because it is about birds that have managed to return from the Costa del Sol Final that was very hard.

They are pigeons with great character, whose main characteristic is that of not surrendering, and with a capacity of orientation more than demonstrated. Then they returned, in the final, after having weathered the 425 km in a straight line from Villajoyosa to Malaga, where it is located in the loft. Crossing, for it, Sierra Nevada and all the obstacles that this entails.
The auction will be available until Sunday, October 28 in our auction section:


This sixth edition of the Costa del Sol has fulfilled all expectations and from Winkie we want to thank all the collaborators and participants for their dedication and enthusiasm.

Winkie, sponsor of the Costa del Sol International Derby, invites you to participate in the next edition in 2019, which we are already preparing and whose registration will begin in early 2019.