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42.99 €

Mezcla polivalente, con nada menos que 14 ingredientes, ideal para la temporada de carreras y satisface todas las necesidades de las palomas durante la temporada de cría.

23.29 €

The electrolytes stimulate the pigeon’s recovery after the race.

27.99 €

Cold pressed oil of soya, maize germ, peanuts,

40.99 €

The BASIC mixtures are affordable quality mixtures composed with grains and seeds selected by BEYERS, which have undergone the same fourfold cleaning process as all our other mixtures.




32.99 €

A protein preparation to help recover quickly after a race. During breeding may be used to provide the high protein requirements of feeding pigeons and their growing youngsters.

17.69 €

• supports the metabolism and helps to strengthen the natural resistance.

33.99 €

A unique condition powder. To keep your pigeons in top condition throughout the year.

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