Descendants of the best European bloodlines with free shipping!

Pigeons from the best European lineages known for their successes, Gerard Koopman, Gaby Vandenabeele, Batengurg v.d. Merwe, Van Loon, Jelle Roziers, Houben or Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp, descendants of those responsible for these achievements such as Oklahoma (1.As Paloma AntwerpLD), Kleine Dirk (1.Nat Paloma AS de NL), New Laureat (Ala de Oro Barcelona 13, Super BCN Racer 11+12+13) or other pigeons of great value such as Queen L. (1.Nat. La Souterranie 16297p. 04, 1.Nat. Bordeaux 13049p. 13). Don't let this opportunity slip away!
FREE shipping costs to Spain and the Canary Islands to the winners of this auction!
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Descendants des meilleures lignées européennes ...