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Houben / Roziers

Houben / Roziers
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Houben / Roziers

Nieta de Oklahoma de Houben / Roziers.

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  • Laura García

    En WINKIE hemos tenido la gran suerte de poder entrevistar, en exclusiva, a uno de los colombófilos más importantes del mundo, el belga Gaby Vandenabeele, quien nos ha explicado que abandona la competición este año por problemas de salud. Venderá, a finales de año, toda su colonia a través del portal belga PIPA.

    Es difícil imaginar y describir los logros de las palomas Gaby Vandenabeele a lo largo de los últimos 30 años. Vandenabeele, ha conseguido casi 100 victorias provinciales en su propio palomar, así como seis premios nacionales. Es incalculable la lista de resultados exitosos si se tienen en cuenta los premios logrados por sus aves en otros palomares.  Sus palomas forman parte de la historia de la colombofilia belga. Los nombres de sus mejores reproductores, como Kleinen y Wittenbuik, son conocidos en cualquier rincón del planeta donde se practique este deporte.  

  • Esta familia de colombófilos se encuentra entre los mejores linajes de Alemania. Han ganado numerosas internacionales y cada una de sus carreras son, extraordinariamente, increíbles. Uno de los más destacados logros fue conseguir la primera posición en la carrera de Pau contra 8.399 palomas en el año 2012.

  • Jelle Roziers y Javier Peral

  • La colombófila belga, Monick Nys, en su palomar de Arendonk

    At WINKIE we had the honor of being able to chat with one of the few female pigeon fanciers that exist. She is Monick Nys, owner of the pure line of Janssen pigeons from Arendonk. Monick started in this sport from very small by the hand of his father and mentor. It is in 1997 when, after the death of her father, she takes the reins of the business and manages to be among the first positions of the Belgian championships. The leitmotiv of her life are her pigeons, whom she adores and treats like her children. She is a specialist in hens in the widowhood system competing in distances ranging from 500 km to 900 km, in a day of flight. Her star birds were De Stier and Elfpenner, from which great runners have emerged. She tells us that it has been "very difficult" to gain respect in a world led by men such as pigeon racing is, but today she has obtained a very important recognition worldwide, as buyers from different countries call her to acquire her birds. After more than 30 years dedicated to the pigeons, she sold, in 2012, all her birds to China, keeping only 6 pairs of reproducers.

  • El colombófilo, Leo Heremans, en su palomar en Bélgica.

    We had the great good fortune to be able to chat, exclusively, with the fancier, Leo Heremans, before he definitively retires from pigeon racing this year. We have moved to Vorselaar, in Belgium, to know all the details of this top. Leo explained that he was initiated by "chance" in the breeding of these birds. Its first champion, De Entje, won 14 competitions. But his next runner had a lung cancer and Heremans suffered so much that he decided to sell almost all his birds. Only nine breeding pairs were kept in a small loft in Vorselaar, eight meters long. Years later it would give with Olimpiade, a mythical pigeon in the races of speed. She is Bolt's great-grandmother, the most expensive pigeon ever sold for 310,000 euros in 2013. Both came from the same pigeon house as mythical runners like Olympic Spenwer, Jan or 444. In 2006, it happened again. They stole 30 pigeons in just two weeks, which caused Heremans to throw in the towel, for the second time, and sell all his birds except for some. But he resurfaced in 2008 winning the ACE PIGEON (400-600km) in his province, Antwerp. This year he leaves it, definitely, and will sell, almost certainly, his pigeons to a Chinese buyer.

  • El colombófilo holandés, Hugo Batenburg, en su palomar de Klaaswaal

    We talked exclusively with the Dutch fancier, Hugo Batenburg, expert in pigeons of marathon. He already pointed out ways from very small and is that, with 12 years, he won his first race, being first before 24,000 pigeons in Saint Diziers. Together with his wife, Anita de Merwe, they are dedicated to the breeding of great runners for the seven international championships. Mythical was the moment when he acquired two extraordinary birds, New Laureaat and The Special One, along with PIPA, for half a million euros. We have been in his loft in Klaaswaal, where he has detailed the severe training to which he subjects his pigeons.