Entrevista exclusiva

Entrevista exclusiva

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08 julio 2019

Interview with Stephaan Lambrechts

Stefaan Lambrechts has one of the most valuable breeding loft in Belgium. There are not many fanciers that have an Ace Pigeon (Lincia), a 2nd (188/13), 3rd (Den Tornado), 7th (Christiane), 9th (Ynthe) and 14th (Aure) position and parents...

01 julio 2019

Entrevista con Stefaan Lambrechts

En WINKIE hemos tenido la oportunidad de entrevistar a Stefaan Lambrechts. Este colombófilo cuenta con uno de los palomares de cría más valiosos de Bélgica. No hay muchos colombófilos que alberguen un As Paloma Nacional (Lincia), una 2ª (188/13)...

27 mayo 2019

Entrevista con Etienne Meirlaen

Etienne Meirlaen ha sido y es uno de los mejores colombófilos en larga distancia de Bélgica. Su mejor temporada fue en 2017, cuando consiguió ser el mejor en esta disciplina tanto en su país como internacionalmente. Fue campeón nacional...

18 noviembre 2018

Interview with Gaby Vandenabeele

It is difficult to imagine and describe the achievements of Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons over the past 30 years. Vandenabeele has won almost 100 provincial victories in his own loft, as well as six national awards. The list of successful results is incalculable if you consider the prizes won by hisbirds in other lofts all over the world. Their pigeons are part of the history of Belgian pigeon racing.

22 junio 2018

Entrevista con Gaby Vandenabeele

En WINKIE hemos tenido la suerte de entrevistar al gran Gaby Vandenabeele. Su trayectoria y éxitos son incuestionables y reconocidos por la colombofília internacional. Vamos a conocer un poco más de dónde procede su pasión por este deporte y su historia...

04 junio 2018

Interview with Jelle Roziers

WINKIE had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Jelle Roziers, Belgian fancier, expert in young pigeons and heir of the birds of the Houben lineage. 2016 has been an incredibly exceptional year for Jelle Roziers, having won nothing more and nothing less than eight national top 100 in the As Paloma championships: 2nd, 7th, 47th, 55th, 66th, 68th, 83rd and 91st As Paloma Nacional de Half Fund (young pigeons).

04 junio 2018

Interview with Monick Nys

At WINKIE we have had the honour of chatting with one of the few pigeon fanciers who exist. She is the Belgian, Monick Nys, owner of the pure breed Janssen de Arendonk pigeons. Monick started in this sport since she was a child with her father and mentor.

04 junio 2018

Interview with Jos Thoné

At WINKIE we had the honour of interviewing Jos Thoné. Jos Thoné's pigeons have won everything: four world championships, five golds in the Pigeon Olympics, six titles in the prestigious Gouden Duif and dozens of national championships in Belgium. This fancier participates in the most diverse categories, with males and females, from 100 to 1000 km.

04 junio 2018

Interview with Hugo Batenburg

At WINKIE we had the opportunity to interview Hugo Batenburg. Klaaswaal, a town in the Netherlands, is famous for the pigeon fancier Hugo Batenburg and his wife Anita van de Merwe. Together they started with their loft at the end of 1996. Hugo Batenburg, can be considered without doubt the best pigeon breeder today of Jan Aarden origin in the Netherlands. His base pigeon Witbuik is legendary.

04 junio 2018

Interview with Leo Heremans

At WINKIE we had the pleasure of interviewing Leo Heremans. The love for this sport started in a very peculiar way. A pigeon landed on the stairs that lead to the terrace of his house. In 1978, Heremans competed, for the first time, with 15 young pigeons. Leo had a pigeon that was his favourite; De Entje. With this, he won 14 prizes and was the descendant of two Huysmans doves.

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