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Finish: 20 June 2021


15 pigeons at auction


Finish: 13 June 2021


19 pigeons at auction

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Hardy Krüger. Extraordinary pigeons descended from his brilliant champions.

Hardy Krüger and his pigeons continue to live up to their reputation, arguably playing in the Champions League, his pigeons have repeatedly demonstrated their potential and top traits in the 2019 Million Dollar Derby in South Africa. Of the top 50 pigeons in the final, six were descendants of Hardy's pigeons. It is no secret that this lineage of pigeons combines very well with other bloodlines, and that it is cap

WINKIE Auctions: The new way of bidding

Pigeons of all lineages and from any discipline in the star section of our website. In WINKIE we revolutionised the bidding system in Spain to make it easier to follow and more user-friendly for the fancier. With more than twenty pigeons a week, at WINKIE we always have active auctions.

WINKIE pigeon auctions are the best way to strengthen the breeding team of your loft. Whether you compete in middle distance, long distance, speed or even marathon, WINKIE auctions offer you pigeons from pure lineages, crosses between highly complementary lineages or mixed formulas. The auctions that combine different lineages are based on our extensive experience in racing and, for example, you can obtain breeders that give top speed to your long distance pigeons so that they win in the last kilometres of the flight.

Our colour code within the auction will allow you to see at a glance which pigeons you have bid on. And thanks to our tracking system, it will help you to know who has the winning bid through our SMS and email messages.